Red Velvet Cake - Best Day Ever Coffee
Red Velvet Cake - Best Day Ever Coffee
Red Velvet Cake - Best Day Ever Coffee

Red Velvet Cake

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This was only supposed to be a Limited Edition special flavor for Valentine's Day, but the response we got from customers was overwhelming so we decided to keep it in the lineup. A sip of Best Day Ever's Red Velvet Cake flavored coffee is like taking a big bite of delicious, rich, fluffy cake without having to worry about calories or face any of the consequences.'s that amazing.


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Customer Reviews

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So delicious!

This is my new favorite coffee. The coffee is so fresh I can drink it black.

Best coffee ever!

My husband and I absolutely love this coffee! I recently started a diet and I can’t have sugar or creamer in my coffee. This coffee is so flavorful and delicious that you don’t need to add anything to it! I actually prefer drinking it black now. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a rich and fresh cup of coffee to start your day:blush:

Flavored coffees are out of this world!

You are really missing out on an extraordinary taste experience if you don't try all of the BDE flavored coffees.
They are too good to save just for holidays or special occasions. Make them a part of your regular morning routine, and it will seem like Christmas every day!

A way to game the system

It is a dessert without the sugar and calories. This is one of the most unique and enjoyable flavored coffees I have had. Try it once and you will be ordering it again and again.